Things That Happen to Your Body When You Don’t Have Sex for a While

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Sex is a physical activity that is considered to be healthy. There have been results of health benefits that link to having regular and healthy sex. However, according to a study in 2016, Millenials are having less sex than the previous generations. Well, this is a bad thing or two prominent reasons: first, those who do not have sex may miss out the health benefits it provides to their mental, physical, and social life; and second, sex if fun and they should be having it as much as they can.  

If you want to fly solo, there is Anchorage, Alaska sex toys that could help you enjoy the experience. But, if you have a partner or a buddy, it is more recommended that you have it with them. Nothing can beat the warmth of someone in lovemaking.  

6 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Don’t Have Sex for a While 

1. You are at risk of prostate cancer 

This has now been established by research studies: if you have not had sex for a long and your dry spell extends to your self-pleasuring activity, that is masturbation, your health is at risk. Multiple studies have pointed to the conclusion that frequent ejaculation is linked to lower chances of having prostate cancer. Males are encouraged to “jerk off” at least four to seven times a week.  

2. You will experience a higher blood pressure 

Lovemaking at the end of the day can make things better even if you have been stressed out by tons of paperwork or by your nagging boss.  

In the study done in 2006 in the medical journal Biological Psychology, it was found out that individuals who perform sex on a regular basis had lower levels of blood pressure compared to those who were not.  

3. You will have a weaker immune system  

According to psychologists Francis Brennan and Carl Charnetski, experiencing orgasms is beneficial to your immune system. And yes, it was biologically proven when asked for saliva samples of individuals who have regular sex (once or twice a week) and found out that they have a higher concentration of immunoglobin A, a common-cold busting antibody.  

4. Your work performance will more likely to slip 

It was found out that couples that have inactive sex life lose concentration a work. The Oregon State University found that individuals who are active are much happier and more focused when it comes to doing their tasks.  

5. You will lose your rhythm during actual sex 

If you are familiar with the line, “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it,” you need to know that this also applies to your sex performance.  

In a study done by the American Journal of Medicine, they concluded that men who were not sexually active within the ages of 50 – 70, were more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.  

6. You get more stressed 

Whether it is making love or masturbating, both release endorphins that make you happy and improve your overall mood, which can combat stress. If you fail at doing these two, you are missing out on getting free endorphins.  

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