The Right Screen Size for your Next Big Event

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Are you wondering what screen size best fits the size of the place your event is taking place? I bet you’re not the only one. The screens used to project what you want your audience to see vary in shapes and sizes and it can really confuse you if you are not an expert in the field of audio-visual services.  

However, as someone who talks in front of the crowd every now and then, it is crucial to know the right size of screen for every event you have because there is no definite size of screen for every event there is. The most important thing about choosing your projection screen, is making sure first and foremost, that the screen you choose is visible to all your audiences. 

Here are 2 basic things to consider on choosing the right size for your screen needs. 

  1. Number of your Participants or Audience 

Confirm the number of participants or guests that are attending the event and take into consideration the size of the room for the event. Sometimes events are held in hotels and when this is the situation, you can actually look for the details on the arrangement of seats through the website of the hotel you’re interested to book. 

If you are expecting 100 or less than a hundred people, screens with aspect ratios of 16:9 and 4:3 are appropriate. In this type of event, tripod screens are used and is versatile enough to cater your concern regarding the height of the ceiling in the room of event. Moreover, tripod screens can be easily handled by you without the help of a technician. 

However, if you are dealing with participants that are greater than a hundred, a fast fold screen is more appropriate. If the tripod screens are manageable without the help of an expert, using a fast fold screen requires a professional help for set-up and other specific details. 

  1. Ceiling Height of the Venue 

After choosing the right screen size for the number of people that are involved in the event you’re hosting, you need to ensure that the screen you will use for the event will fit the height of your venue. This means you need to make sure that the room you’re holding the event must have a tall enough ceiling to accommodate the screen size appropriate to the number of people and the room size. If you are going for a 4:3 screen size, make sure to add 3 feet for the leg’s height while with 16:9 screens, make sure to add 4 feet for the leg’s height. This is a standard rule to make sure you are allowing your screen to fit the room and to pop for the audience. If you are adding a top valence to your screen to make it look more professional, add one more foot for the height. 

These two are the most basic thing you can do even if you are not a professional, however if you want your event to be the next big hit, Jacksonville audio visual services will do the rest for you! Connect with them today and have yourself worry free that your event will be successful! 

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