Reasons Why Dusting is Very important for Your Commercial Environment 

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Dusting is considered as one of the cleaning tasks that as soon as you’re finished, you’ll have to start over again. Dust actually comes in a lot of forms and oftentimes, it’s generated from a lot of different sources, which makes it very important that you stay on top of a reliable dusting plan. As a matter of fact, dusting is an extremely important job your employees have to do in every room of your commercial building. This is because visible dust can possibly create an unsightly working environment that might translate to the negative image of your business.   


On the other hand, a well-dusted work space conveys a pleasing and positive image to all the occupants and visitors of your building. A clean and organized workspace also encourages neatness, which promotes better work habits and productivity, as well as can reduce absenteeism. Therefore, why is it important that you dust your commercial building the right way?  

To dust your office properly, make sure that you dust high surfaces first as well as work downward. After that, begin at one end of a room and then move in a counterclockwise or clockwise direction. Whenever necessary, move objects like paperweights, phones and pictures. Dust under them and replace them in their original placement. Wipe smudges and spots on your desks and walls using a damp clean microfiber cloth as you try to move throughout the entire area of your office.  

And, you need to bear in mind that every time the microfiber cloth becomes soiled, make sure that you rinse it using only water. When you are cleaning flat TV screens or computer monitors in your conference room, make sure that you only use a dry piece of clean microfiber cloth and clean them by wiping the screens lightly. You should never use tissue paper, paper towels or any window cleaning product since there is a big possibility that these cleaning tools or supplies can possibly damage or scratch the screen.  

Furthermore, when you are dusting the blinds, you should first dust the surface across the top. Next, close the blinds and then dust the entire surface.  After that, close the blinds to the other side to dust the surface area that’s newly exposed. Lastly, use a vacuum in order to remove dust as well as clean hard to reach surfaces and upholstered furniture.  

In addition to that, if your employees are suffering from allergies due to a filthy working environment, chances are they will feel irritated and tired all day at work and because of that, they will never be productive. Hence, keeping your office healthy and clean will definitely help a lot in avoiding this unfortunate situation. If you have a clean office, your employees will definitely stay healthy and happy.  

Because of that, they will be more productive, not to mention they’ll surely be able to perform better work for the company. This is why It’s really best to make sure that your commercial space is always maintained by a professional commercial cleaning Auckland. 


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